Just Who Really Are – the ‘Little Grays’?

I have come to the conclusion that, the ‘little grays’ are the front “men”, for the fallen angels.  Now originally I thought they were themselves the fallen angels.  But a number of interesting bits of evidence has revealed otherwise.  First and foremost – they can be killed!

In 2007, Dr. Steven Greer headed up the “Disclosure Project”.   He brought a panel, composed of just 22 of the more than 400 ‘eye witnesses’ to various UFO and ET phenomena, before the National Press Corps in Washington D.C.   (You didn’t hear about this did you? – You need to ask yourself why?)  Each member of the panel testified in detail their individual experiences.   Witnesses ranged from retired military to; scientists, technicians, various professionals, ex-NASA employees, etc.                                                                        One man, a retired Air Force NCO, stationed on a missile base in England, witnessed a UFO land on the base, with a ‘little gray’ stepping out moments later.  Another airman with him actually shot at and wounded the creature.  It wandered for a distance and then fell and died.  Angels, fallen or otherwise are immortal beings and so could not be killed.  So we know now,  ‘little gray’ is not a fallen angel.

Another interesting bit of evidence regarding these little guys is reported in a book by Richard Dewhurst entitled, “The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America”.  In it he tells of a Dr. John Haywood, who in 1823 in Tennessee, along with caves filled with bones of giants and their artifacts, he found some mini mounds that contained caskets.  Caskets filled with – “moon-eyed” 3 foot tall skeletons!  Cherokee lore recounts that these little guys came originally from North Carolina and accompanied the giants.  They were said to be mischievous and only liked to come out at night.  Their skeletons have since been found in South Carolina as well.

So we now know that ‘little gray’ is a physical creature of some kind and is associated with the giants of ages gone by.  And we can look to both the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees for more possible clues.  Enoch describes, in addition to man, three  other races; the Nephilim, the Naphelim and the Elioud, also called the Eljo.  He makes it clear that the Nephilim are the co-creation of the fallen angels and the women of earth.   Also that the Naphelim (called the Raphaim in the Old Testament), are the offspring of two Nephilim. But he gives us no information on the Eljo other than that they warred against man.  The Book of Jubilees however, tells us that the Eljo were the product of the Naphelim.  We just don’t know if they were created naturally or engineered in some way.  Regardless, in the “long or short of it all” (sorry, couldn’t resist), we know they are the minions of the fallen angels.  But for more possible clues, let’s go to ancient Sumerian writings, where the devil seems to expose his overall grand plan.  His great deception on the “origins of man” and who the “true gods” are.

The Annunaki and the Planet Niburu

     The ancient Sumerian writings are quiet intriguing for a number of reasons.  Let’s start with the knowledge of our solar system.  Only recently have we discovered a 10th planet to our solar system, named Planet X.   In 1983 an infra-red astronomical satellite, IRAS produced results indicating a large brown dwarf, four times the size of earth had been located.  Well respected astronomer, Rodney Gomes from the National Observatory of Brazil, has proven this mathematically on computer models.  It shows that a body 4 times the size of the earth perfectly explains all the positions and orbits of objects such as Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and other objects deeper in our solar system.  Ancient Sumerian writings and reliefs not only depict the planets in our solar system accurately, but include a 10th planet called Niburu.   So where did the Sumerians get this knowledge of our solar system without so much as a pair of binoculars, let alone a telescope?  Enter the Annunaki.      Sumerian writings give account of two races of beings arriving on earth from this planet Niburu.  One race being the Annunaki and the other being the Igigi.  More than that, the writings tell of the origin of our planet earth, its moon, and the origin of man himself.

As the story is told by the Annunaki and recorded by the Sumerians, the planet Niburu was somehow captured and pulled into our solar system’s orbit.  It was then put on a 3,600 year orbit around our Sun.  Earth did not yet exist.  Instead, there was a planet called Tiamut, the size of Uranus, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.  On its orbital return to our solar system, one of Niburu’s satellites struck Tiamut.  And when Niburu whipped back around from our Sun, it also struck Tiamut, splitting off a large part that became earth and the remaining debris became the asteroid belt.  The new earth captured one of Niburu’s moons in the process making it her own.   The writings also explain that this impact with Niburu is how the ‘seeds of life’ were transferred to earth.                                                                             Now believe it or not, this is some of the archeological evidence that is going to be used by the historical and scientific communities to validate who ET is at ‘Full Disclosure’.  (Later in this article you are going to see how all of this is faced with some true scientific and chronological problems). 

     So let’s continue the story of the Annunaki and their interaction with earth.  According to the Sumerian writings, the Annunaki arrived on earth 432,000 years ago in their need for gold.  This new orbit that Niburu was placed under caused physical damage to the Annunaki’s chromosomes thus reducing their lifespan.  But by taking gold through some kind of process and creating what they called ‘star fire gold’ which they could ingest, they could protect their chromosomes from degradation.  So the father Anu sent his sons Enlil and Enki to scope out the mining possibilities on earth.  Enki was then put in charge of the mining operations so he brought the Igigi to do the mining.  (Hmm, who were the Igigi? Little grays maybe?  Perfect for those dark, mine shafts with low ceilings).  While Niburu continued on its orbit the Igigi stayed behind and did the mining for the 3,600 year cycle until the planet’s return.  On Niburu’s return, the Igigi rebelled because of the harsh working demands and insisted on relief.  So Anu tells his son Enki, with the help of his sister Ninharsag, to take the ape forms of life that had evolved on earth and create man to do the mining.                                                                                                                                                                              This leads to a glaring question that doesn’t fit with evolutionary theory.  Where’s the millions and billions of years required for evolution?  Niburu collides with Tiamut planting the ‘seeds of life’ and then 3,600 years later returns to mine gold.  Then 3,600 years later returns to a revolting Igigi and manipulates the genes of apes that evolved in just 7,200 years!  But let’s continue on.

After 600 years, Enlil raises a fuss about this race of man.  He says they are growing too large in number and orders a release of some form of disease on the populace.  So mankind was summarily afflicted with sickness, headaches and “suruppu” and “asakku” disease.  Atrahasis (Noah), seeks out his lord Enki for protection for him and his family against what is happening to mankind.  Enlil, not satisfied with the destruction through disease orders a flood to wipe out the remainder of man.  Mankind was Enki’s proud creation and out of concern for Atrahasis and his family he tells Atrahasis to build a boat against a coming flood.  He told him the flood would last 7 days and nights.                                        Now the archeologists are going to tell you that this story of the flood pre-dates the Biblical account, and say the Bible got the story from the Sumerian writings.  The ‘Atrahasis Tablets’ were written during the Old Babylonian period dated to be 1700 B.C.    They are going to say that the first 5 books of the Bible, or the Pentateuch, which includes the Biblical account of the flood, were written by Moses and Moses didn’t live until at least 1500 B.C.   This part is true.  But this is an example of either genealogical and historical ignorance or purposeful deceit.  Because Enoch lived before the flood (3402-3037 B.C.) and the Book of Enoch not only records God’s plan to flood the earth and the reason why, but also prophesies the second coming of Christ! (Jude 1:14).  Further, Noah brought with him the Book of Enoch on the Ark during the flood of 2350 B.C.  The story was then passed on down through Noah’s son Shem, down to Abraham (b. 2056 B.C.), to Isaac (b. 1963 B.C.) and to Jacob (b. 1896 B.C.) who God renamed Israel.  Israel had 12 sons which became the 12 tribes, the youngest being Joseph (b. 1806 BC.)  So the story of the flood had been passed down through the Jewish bloodline for over 1200 years before the Sumerians recorded their version 100 years later still!                                                                                                                Interesting also is that they only give mankind a 600 year history before the flood when Adam precedes the flood by 2, 350 years years!  One other interesting matter to point out.  The “Enuma Elish” account about the collision between Niburu and Tiamut tells of the ‘seeds of life’ being planted on the resultant earth.  These ‘seeds of life’ according to Enki’s writings, were from the Creator of All.  (They will not share this part with you).

Archeologists, geologists, paleontologists, etc. know that scientific evidence proves that the earth is not millions and billions of years old.  This is why they are going to use these Sumerian accounts to explain the existence of ET and the origins of life on this planet.   But what about the archeological and physical evidence of giants all over the world?  The only giant mentioned in the Sumerian writings is in the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ (Nimrod)  .  This is why the atheistic scientists, the evolutionists, are constantly hiding and destroying the evidence of the giants.  Because they and their true origin is recorded in the Bible, the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Jubilees.  So to remove any possible query into the past existence of giants, these books and Christianity must be totally discredited.   Amazing how man has this ability to completely block out and ignore undeniable facts, when it doesn’t agree with what he wants to believe in.

To the best of calculations, man, Adam was created in 4004 B.C.  The Bible states that, to God, a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day (2 Pet. 3:8).  All of creation took God six days and on the seventh day He rested (Gen. 2: 1-3).  Did you ever wonder why all of humanity observes a seven day week?  How is it that all calendars from all cultures have a seven day week?  Why not a five or eight or ten day week?  Who decided that? – God did.  Man has now been on the earth for 6,000 years.  Christ’s Millennial Reign is for 1,000 years; God’s week.                                                                                                                                                And the earth itself, well scientifically is about 15,000 years old.  Let’s start with the oceans.  The concentrations of various elements and salts contained in sea water, when compared with estimated annual amounts being added by rivers, subterranean springs, rain water, and other sources point to a young age for the oceans.  The fifty-one chemical elements contained in sea water could all have accumulated in 13,000 years.   The amount of nickle on the ocean floor suggest an earth that is 15,000 years old.  Helium gas resulting from radioactive decay is continually being released into the atmosphere from the earth’s crust.  The estimated rate of this release compared with the total helium now in the atmosphere suggests an atmosphere that is between 12,000 and 20,000 years old.   The amount of meteoric dust on the moon suggests a moon that is 15,000 years old. (Point of fact – based on their ‘millions of years old’ theories, they were fearful that the first moon landing would actually sink into 150 feet of meteoric dust!)  How about this one?  Meteorites supposedly have been plunging to the earth’s surface during its entire history, and there is no reason to believe otherwise.  Therefore, earth’s thousands of feet and multiple layers of sedimentary rock should have large numbers of meteorites embedded in them.  Not so – they have only been discovered on the surface layers!  None have been discovered in the deeper “older” layers.

Evolutionists simply refuse to acknowledge these facts.  They’ve been bitten by the serpent of the Garden of Eden and they want to believe the lie told to Adam and Eve.  That man can become a god!  That there are no solid moral boundaries and I can do whatever I want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.  That’s the lie within a lie.  There are consequences to everyone of your actions and it does affect everyone else either directly or indirectly and it certainly does affect you directly!  Quick example – homosexuality.  If you think it’s two people engaging in a harmless consensual act think again.  God says, to Him it’s an abomination, a stench to his nostrils and therefore it defiles your land (Lev. 18: 24-30).   That affects everybody.  Further God says, it dishonors your body, is vile affections and shameful (Rom. 1:).  This shows that engaging in such acts is purely for selfish reasons.                                                                                                                                                                            But impure motives have no boundaries.  It is amazing the lengths evolutionists have gone to “win” their argument.  Java man discovered in 1891 was discovered in 1936 to actually be the skull of a giant gibbon.  The Piltdown Man fossil of 1912 was shown in 1953 to be a complete hoax.  Modern tests confirmed that the jawbone was that of an orangutan and one of the teeth had been colored with oil paint.  The cranium was judged to be human of recent date.  Peking Man, found in 1928, was determined to be a large monkey or baboon shortly after WWII.  Other articles on this site have shared many examples of the pains the Smithsonian Institute has gone through to hide and destroy evidence of giant’s bones all over the world.

I will close this with a video.  This is an excerpt from the “Citizen’s Hearing” before Congress the end of last year.  (You probably didn’t hear about this either).  Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer is speaking.  This was another hearing called by citizens invoking Congress and the U. S. government to disclose what they know about ET.  Minister Paul Hellyer is disclosing everything he knows, and that includes the existence of the ‘little grays’ and the ‘tall whites’.  The ‘tall whites’ are most likely fallen angels manifesting themselves as manlike beings.  Angels have this ability and there are evidences of it in the Bible as well as recorded modern day incidents.  And since they can manifest as a humanoid of some kind, I’m certain they can manifest in a number of forms, as Mr. Hellyer goes on to say they believe there are 20 different species of aliens.

I’m sure we are not very far off from “Full Disclosure”  by the combined elements of the world governments, the Vatican and the world’s scientists.  And when they do, millions world-wide are going to believe the strong delusion Christ warned about (Matt. 24:24 & 2 Thes. 2: 9-12), including weak, uniformed, chrisitians.

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