Giants of North and South America

The Giants of North & South America


  There is tons of archeological evidence that confirms the biblical record, through the discovery of giants in North and South America. And it is in direct opposition with Darwinian, evolutionary dogma.  The remains of giants that have come from the burial grounds of Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, New York, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona Nevada, and California have yielded artifacts that are advanced in cultural and social terms.  Cultures possessing advanced technology 4,000 years ago is consistent with the

Biblical account after Noah’s flood at the Tower of Babel.


“And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the children of men           

were building. “And the Lord said, behold the people (are) one, and they have all      

one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from        

them which they have imagined to do. Let us go down, and there confound their  

language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the Lord

scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they

departed from building the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because

      there the Lord confound the language of all the earth. (Gen. 11: 5-9)


We also know that the time line of the “Hopewell Indians” was about 2,500 to 3,000 years ago.  This is the same time period that the Hebrews were chasing down the Nephilim in the the Promised Land. We know they did not destroy them all.  So it makes perfect sense that these giants of North and South America were Nephilim tribes that had fled the Middle East (as well as Europe where giant remains have been found as well).


Lets get into some specifics of what has been uncovered and we’ll start with North America.

Three men, Benjamin Boydstun, Terry Utley Wade and William Stevenson began settling an area of Texas in the 1850’s.  They began finding giant bones and then later a rock wall. So this became the town name, Rockwall, Texas.  It became quite routine to the folks of Rockwall to find such things.  An excerpt from the town paper, “Rockwall Success” on May 28, 1886 reads.


“The greatest wonder that we have to record this week is the finding of a petrified human skull.  While at work last Saturday, Ben Burton unearthed with his plow, a gigantic skull, fully as large as a half bushel. The staring sockets wherein the eyeballs once rolled were as large as a half-gallon cup. Some few of the jaw teeth still remained; one of them about an inch thick by two inches long. This goes to prove that this county was once inhabited by a race of people that would be wonderful to look at now. Dr. Wiggins thinks it is the skull of some ante-diluvium giant, that would have weighed at least 1,000 pounds. Anyone wishing to see this mammoth skull can do so by calling at the Success office, as Mr. Burton says he will leave it there for inspection.

–        – Sam Slick


  In 1911, several giant skeletons and ancient artifacts were found in a cave in Lovelock, Nevada.  Miners found giant mummies preserved in the dry bat-droppings. They were up to eight feet tall and had red hair. They were about 4 feet under the surface lying in a layer of burnt material.  In 1939, also near Lovelock in the Humboldt lake bed, there were two giant skeletons excavated measuring ten feet tall.  They were wrapped in a gum-covered fabric.

 nephilim__humboldt lakeJaw bone found in the Humboldt Lake area
Smaller lower jaw is size of average human adult

  This year in Twin Valley Minnesota, Roger Saker unearthed some bones when he was looking for some needed gravel. He contacted the proper authorities and the excavation began.  What was discovered was an 8ft. 9 inch male lying on his back and two Native American ladies (aged 16 to 20) lying in a fetal position, at his feet, as if bowing to him.

History Channel’s, ‘America Unearthed’ came out and did an episode. That’s how I found out about this. After viewing the episode, I immediately wrote Roger and asked him why he thought the giant was a Viking. I told him I thought the bones were Nephilim. Turns out, both statements are true and Roger has done more research on Nephilim than I have!

In the grave site were fish bones (Roger wanted to know if they were fresh water or salt water) and some curious string.  More specifically, Viking string!  It has been discovered in Viking remains in Denmark, Greenland and sites in Canada. The string comes from the plucked pelt of an arctic hare and is very skillfully woven together.

This dig was immediately hushed up and reburied by the State Archeological department and the Dept of the Interior.  When the host of ‘America Unearthed’ later interviewed the State Archeologist, he lied and said the male skeleton was that of a Native American male a little over 5 foot tall!  The fact that a scientist, of all people, can see direct evidence supporting the Bible, and then chooses to bury it should astound and appall. But more appalling was the Pharisees that lived in Jesus’ day, who watched Him raise the dead and heal the sick, but denied His deity because they felt threatened of losing their position of power.

Let’s move on to South America.

Huaytara Skull - pic 1

 This mummy was found in Huaytara, Peru. Notice the skull is almost as large as the body and appears to have only one parietal plate instead of two as we do. On the next page is another view of this skeleton.

 Huaytara Skull - pic 2

Notice the eye sockets which are larger than normal and the almost non existent nose.

This next skull is near the west coast in Paracas, Peru.

 Nephilim skull 1, Plate 1

Again this skull has only one parietal plate and the lower jaw is more robust.  This skull is dated to about 1000 B.C.

 Nephilim skull 1, Plate 2

 Now let’s go to Cusco, Peru.  This next skull is a truly amazing specimen.  Again, one parietal plate and no sign of ‘cradle boarding’ or deliberate deformation.

Nephilim skull 2, Plate 2


Nephilim skull 2, Plate 3

Again note the huge eye sockets and the robust jaw.



This is what that last fella could have looked like.  Your friendly next door neighbor,

the Nephilim.

For a size comparison to us, look at one of his tools.


Giant Tool Comparison0001


And finally, let’s go to another place in Peru with a really strange name and some strange skulls, Ollantaytambo.

Near this city is a very out-of-the- way and remote museum.  The curator, Renato Davila Riquelme, is an anthropologist.  He has in his possession what may be further evidence of genetic engineering between fallen angels and women of earth.

Nephilim skull 3

This skeleton was found in a graveyard that had been raided by grave robbers.  It was thrown to the side being of no value to the robbers.  When Renato discovered it his anthropologist background kicked in as he realized he was looking at something quite unique. An artist then “added” flesh and eyes to the skull – Look familiar?


Now I know we focused on just the giants of North and South America, but just so any Europeans don’t feel left out, check out the chart on the next page.

Scale of Giants Found0001


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