Do You Think I Am Afraid of N. Korea or Iran? Says the Lord!

This prophetic word was given by Pastor Frank Kunneman on February 5, 2017 at Lord of Hosts Church at their Sunday morning worship service:

“You are called the ‘United’ States of America, and so shall you be,” says the Spirit of God.  The Spirit of God says, “In the days of Elijah, when Israel was divided, there were 10 to the north and 2 to the south. The prophet of God came and he put the stones in order and there were 12—the number of My Kingdom—and the kingdom was unified in a prophetic act and fire fell,” says the Spirit of God.  “This was not the only thing; Jezebel’s throne and Jezebel’s reign would suffer a blow as well as those prophets who would speak according to the ways of Jezebel’s control and fear. Yet there was a sound, and there was a sound of the abundance of rain and a wind and a cloud that formed the size of a man’s hand.”                                                                                                                                                                 “What Am I Speaking to You?”                                                                                                             The Spirit of God says, “In your land, America, the spirit of Jezebel sought to inhabit the government of this land and yet your nation has been divided like Israel. Yet I say to you, United States is what you are called and ‘United’ States is what you shall be; and there was a sound that came in Elijah’s day, this was My sound. A sound always precedes a moveWatch the sounds of the nations as new music begins to be played and you will say, ‘But this sounds so different.’ Watch Me merge the nations together; the sounds of their instruments, the sounds of their music. When this happens know that this precedes the move that I have told you.  “But look to your weather, as it was, there was a cloud the size of a man’s hand and there was the sound of rain. This shall be the sign to you, America—in the wind, in the clouds. ‘There will be interesting cloud formations?’ so you ask. It shall be filled with My hosts—it shall even be filled with Me—as I shall stand upon the clouds of this land and I will reveal Myself and I will bring My glory.”                                         “Do You Think I Am Afraid of North Korea or Iran?” says the Lord!                               Know this marks a new day and a new season of a major defeat that has happened to spirits of darkness that have wanted this land. God says, “I told you I would not be pushed back, pushed out; but now I push, I push, I push My agenda and I irritate. This is My doing.  “Listen to the word of the Lord for just a moment: Do you think I’m afraid of North Korea? Do you think that I am afraid of Iran?”  The Spirit of God says, “Am I afraid of your weaponry and your armory? I am the God who is called ‘Lord of Hosts’; ‘Lord of angel armies!’ I am the One who stands and when I speak the earth obeys, and so shall North Korea, so shall Iran. For as they seek to intimidate like Goliath who sought to paralyze a nation called Israel, so this is the intent of these ancient spirits again who desire to raise their heads.                                                                                                                                                         “But I have placed one in your land (USA), who is listening to the whispers of My voice, and he has been guided by My hand whether you like it or not,” says the Lord.  “So I have a strong one who will do exactly what I have asked him to do, and he will join his hands with Israel and there will be swift action and it will not be what the UN likes or agrees with. This does not matter for it will silence them (Iran, North Korea), it will quiet them and restrain them for a season.                                                                                          I Hear the Sound of Those Praying in Iran and North Korea                                                   “The reason I do this is not just to show the power of a man. The reason I do this is also to remind the earth that I am the God of all flesh, and I am the ruler of all. But there is also a sound that is coming from Iran and North Korea, and it is the sound of a praying people, My Church, who has been persecuted; My Church who has been afflicted. I’m listening to them in their nations, and so there will be a restraint.  “There will be a merciful, compassionate act of My hand that will not allow certain retaliation in Iran or North Korea. I will embarrass the one in North Korea when suddenly what they launch falls and fails before the eyes of the people of this earth (note: this was prophesied February 5th). Stick out your chest if you must. I put My foot upon you and I shake you into a place of embarrassment.”

North Korea, let Me speak to you now:                                                                                             God is listening to the prayers of the persecuted and the afflicted, and because of this there will be an imploding of your government. The short one shall have a short term, and there shall be no longer a division between the two. Watch!